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  • Nov 19 / 2013
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Top3Tech Episodes

Episode 27: Does my data sound funny?

In this episode of Top3Tech, we talk about… wait for it… tech! All kidding aside, we have a great line up of topics and a few announcements about the show. Join Gain and myself for another episode of Top3Tech.

  • Nov 10 / 2013
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After being introduced to the game while attending a computer LAN event in Buffalo, NY, I became addicted to a game called Werewolf (Other Names:  Are you a Werewolf, Werewolves of Millers Hollow, etc). Based on another great party game called Mafia, Werewolf is a murder mystery game designed for groups of 7 to 30+ people.

Not finding any sets of cards for Werewolf that I liked, I took it upon myself to design my own deck to use and play with so I could share it with my friends here in VA. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can buy the game, however most of them do not include the fun, game changing special characters (except the Seer) that I had come to learn and love while playing in NY.

Below you will find a link to an attachment that includes all the card designs that I put together as well as a basic set of rules. It is setup for everything you will need for a 7 to 30 man game. Please keep in mind, some of the text in the PDF below is not my own. WIRED has an amazing article going into great depths about the game and other options for game-play. Some of the character descriptions used in the PDF below have been copied from their article.

PDF Download

Other Links:

Don’t let a single version of the game affect the way YOU want to play it. Have an idea that you feel would be epic? Try it and let us know what you did.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! Thanks for reading. :)

Legal Note: Some of the images found in the PDF are not my own. Images were found using public search engines and were then modified to fit the card style that I was going for (including borders, style, effects, text, etc). The original images are not my own work.


  • Nov 06 / 2013
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Top3Tech Episodes

Episode 26: badBIOS

We’re Baaaccckkkkk!! with the new and revised Top 3 Tech. This week we meet the new co-host John and welcome our new partner TechYA.net.

We jump into the topics of:

  • Hardware
    • CastAR one of our most anticipated devices of the year
    • First ticket for DUiGG (Driving under the influence of Google Glass)
    • New Nexus 5 and Kit Kat
  • Software
    • Open-source’d H.264
    • BadBIOS
    • Steam>Xbox
  • Tech News
    • NSA Vs. Google and Yahoo
    • Netflix Movies
    • Words with Friends on a plane
  • Sep 04 / 2013
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19th Century Passwords

So a friend of mine sent me the screen shot below.


I don’t know about you, but like most security minded people, I tend to change my passwords every few months for the sites that have sensitive information.

Given the nature of banks, why would they want to take the risk of people getting back into the same rut of using your birthday and child’s middle name? He told me the character he tried to use was an asterisk (*), but after further testing, he found that all special characters are blocked from being used.

This is not the first time I have heard about something like this from a bank. I find it upsetting that any bank would allow for such insecure passwords to be used.

In this day and age, brute force attacks on a banking site in attempts to gain access will surely fail, if not get you arrested. However with your options only being uppercase, lowercase and numbers, it would make it much easier for someone to attempt to guess your password. While still unlikely, given enough time, it could be done.

This is just a reminder to everyone to take the time and make secure passwords. Don’t become a victim of weak password abuse and don’t forget to logout!



  • Sep 02 / 2013
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New Website

I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our new website and blog.

Our projects are finally at a point where we can start discussing them and displaying them. We will be also be launching a podcast network as well as a few other fun things later on down the road.

  • Mar 08 / 2013
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Top3Tech Episodes

Episode 24: Space Poop Shields

We’re back…. And we are dragging Andy from horriblyunderprepared.com with us. This week we talk about global Wi-Fi if you live in NY/NY, that is.  Also are we going to keep getting Scroogled?  And is Poop a good radiation shield?  How do you get your Music?  Do you want to control your phone with your eyes?  Microsoft loves Kinect.  Apple loves Watches and I want a head mounted display.

Have questions? Contact us